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Construction Documents

Construction Documents for Permit Processing, Construction Bids, and Construction Plans

3D Design & Drafting

3D Design to help you Visualize your space and can help with Material and Finish Selections

To Request Booking:

To Request Booking:

The best way to book our services is to Email us directly at and send info on items listed below: 

  • Is your project an Addition, Remodel, or New Construction Build?  If so, please explain :) 

  • Are you Permitting the Project?  

  • Do you want us to include Conceptual Design (prelim plan design help + 3Ds), Construction Documents & Permit Processing? 

  • What is the Existing and Proposed Floor Plan, House, or Building Area Square Footage?  

  • Do you have Existing floor plans, site plans, sketches, or CAD/DWG Files (electronic drawing files)? 

  • Do you have Proposed floor plans, site plans, sketches, pdfs or dwg files

  • What is the address of the project? This helps me research the site, topography, county/city requirements and codes, and the size of the lot so I know how long it will take me to complete the site plan 

  • Any pictures of the existing house, exterior or interior that hep may help me understand the areas you want to work on

  • Any idea pictures you may have that show the design style, scope, custom details/designs you want me to implement, and describe the intention of the work you want. 

If your project is pretty simple and straight forward, you don't have to provide all of this info upfront, but any extra details will help us bid more appropriately.  

Please note: it may take us several days to get back to you as we have been busier than usual, so we thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.  Also, we may be booked out in advance a month or so, so we may not be able to begin right away depending on work flow. 

Breakdown Guidelines for Services and Fees:

Miller Design and Drafting project proposals include 3 Contracts, to customize your experience with us you can approve all 3 contracts or just select the services you want us to provide. 


TIMELINES: (please note these times may vary depending on how busy we are and how many revisions are requested... so they are subject to change) Please note, times may have varied since COVID

Contract 1: Conceptual design phase takes 2-3 weeks 

Contract 2: Construction Document phase takes 2-3 weeks 

Contract 3: Permit Processing phase takes 6-9 weeks + (will vary often since the City/County are slow and usually backed up) 

Please note that the Estimated cost will vary depending on scope of work, Square footage, conceptual design options (1-3), revisions, City/County Codes, plan/State requirements and zoning.... So basically the fees below are complete ballpark: 

  1. Conceptual Design & Drawing Phase/3D views: $1,250-3,500 +/-

  2. Construction Documents & Drawing Phase: $3,000-5,000 +/-  (Prices vary per state as Codes/plans required vary state to state) 

  3. Building Permit Processing Phase: $1,500-2,000 +/-

We cannot provide official estimates until we too have been provided all information necessary on the project scope so above prices will vary per project.

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